History of !mpressive Squad

The clan was founded in early 2012.
Back then there were a lot of clans who had been around for quite some time, so we decided to start something new.
The main goal of the squad was to build a great team with a mix of very different people from different countries.
This year also saw the creation of the old !mpressivesquad.eu website and the clan channels on IRC.

In 2013, a large number of players joined the clan, so for the first time, no more applications were accepted. A short time later, however, applications were allowed again and many new members were accepted. Since then, the !mpressive squad team is a crowded clan, which we are very happy about.

In 2014, the !mpressive squad team won a tournament for the first time. Since then, numerous titles have been won, which can now be viewed on our awards page. From this year on !mpressive squad also had its own teamspeak 3 server. At the end of the year, after winning several titles and dominating the clan scene, a part of the clan split off and formed a new clan .cS| (Cube Strikers) to create more rivalry.

In 2015, Origin joined the team and has been running the very famous sauertracker website ever since. Also, the clan got its official mascot, the "!mpressive squid". The mascot was created by our former member Fatality and can still be found on the sauertracker website. In addition, the first ever flagrun tournament was organized by Obstriegel.

In 2016 the first official !mpressive squad video was released. It was made by Fatality who also made many other !mpressive squad videos that can be viewed in the video section. In this year we switched from irc to discord. You are welcome to visit us via the invite link on the home page! Obstriegel was responsible for the changeover and also co-founded the Sauerworld discord server. This server now has over 1000 members and is considered a milestone for the Sauerbraten community.

In 2017, !mpressive Squad hosted a number of tournaments, which were mainly run by Obstriegel. The results can be found in the Sauerworld HoF. Also, the first daughter clan experimental squad "xS'" was also founded by !s. This project lasted over a year and was fundamental for the subsequently founded clan sQ. During this time, almost 600 cw's were played by the members of xS.

In 2018 !s was more or less in deep sleep. Did you know that squirrels do not hibernate continuously, but wake up and eat in between?

In 2020 Darkfire and Mod started a new training clan called |sx|. Players like Lord-Grummel, Marta, Ace, Emma, Daeßi and Wollmilchsau were part of it. More than 100 CW's were played. Sadly after 1 year the training clan become inactive and we had to stop the project. Mod started together with Avior and Fohlen the eCS tournament series.

In 2021 our clanleader Obstriegel unfortunately passed away. Numerous messages were written in his memory. Greenadiss, a close friend of Obstriegel has summarized them and shared them with his family and the community. All messages can be read on the members page.