Join us

!mpressive Squad is a top clan with great achievements. But we are also a big family with members from all over the world with very different personalities. We always welcome new applicants and are also happy to meet less known players. As a team we are not only looking for players who are already world class, but also players who are ambitious, friendly or can bring something else to the team. If you think you would be a good fit for us, feel free to join us on the Discord channel and get to know us. We appreciate your interest!

If you would like to join our team, do the following:

1. Join our Discord Server

2. Message one of our members and send her/him your answers to the following questions:

-How old are you?

-What do you do at the moment? (school, work, university, other)

-What is your setup? (feel free to send a photo)

-What are your ambitions in this game?

-Why do you want to join !s?

-How many hours do you play in a week?

-What maps and modes do you like?

-Which players are you usually around?

-At what times are you online?

-Please add some screenshots/sauertracker links of your games. Especially the ones with !s members both in duels/teamplay games.