Our active squad

 M!lch-Mann founded the clan in early 2012

M!lch-Mann has played more games than any of us, and many don't even know what he has done for !s in that time! He has won 2 tournaments, won silver and bronze medals that you can't even count, and of course won hundreds of clan wars. In the past, everyone wanted to play on a team with him because he cheered and motivated his team incessantly. And in all the years he played in !s, he was a symbol of loyalty, kindness and spirit for the whole team. It was only thanks to his indescribably good character that !s was able to grow so quickly and establish itself in the community. With these memories and shared experiences in mind, it is still a great pleasure to be able to play with him today! And now that he is older and wiser, we can honestly say: He is a true legend. And not only that. He is the founder of !s. He has been in this clan from the very first second and has witnessed its whole history. He was the one who always believed in his teammates and there is one thing you should know: He loves you guys. No one else is prouder of their teammates, sadder when a teammate leaves and happier when something positive happens in the clan. You are just great M!lch-Mann and of course we love you too!   🇩🇪

awesom-o joined the squad at the end of 2012

The casual player of !s]. While he spends most of his time playing public games, he is always down for serious clan wars, and always pulls out an impressive performance.
And what you should not underestimate is his continual evolution over the years. While he may no longer be among the youngest players, he's currently in the prime of his Sauerbraten career. This is attributed to his profound understanding of the game and unexpectedly formidable one-on-one battles. Especially in close combat situations, opponents often find themselves on the receiving end of a 120 Rocket, coupled with a decisive takedown. We are particularly pleased that he has become more involved with our team in recent years, fostering a stronger bond among us. 

Gangler joined the squad on the 1st of February 2014

Gangler is the backbone of the team. He has a deep love for the team and its members. You can always count on Gangler to be down for a clanwar anytime. He is someone that has played the game for more than a decade and has the most experience in Sauerbraten. You know when you are paired with Gangler that you have someone reliable on your team and you know that someone is watching your back. He is also the friendliest sauer player I’ve ever met. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes he says the uncomfortable truth too :). We are always wondering how he manages his life with studying, working , making the gf happy, playing sauer, do fitness and always being positive. Perhaps it’s the caffeine...? If you have a problem he can help. He listens to everyone and cares about everyone. He is the good soul of !s. Like a grandpa with his grandchildren. Talking about sauer skill I can only say “he’s a beast”. Flagrunning - no problem for him, fragging/dealing damage - always consistent and incredibly good. He also carries his team and can cover his mates during flagruns very well. 

Origin joined the squad on the 5th of July 2015

Server host, developer of Sauertracker, our boss on Discord, tournament host and more. Is there anything Origin can't do? Because of his dedication, he is important not only for the clan, but for the entire Sauerbraten community. It's not an exaggeration to say that he is one of the most important people in this community, who has already left a huge footprint in the history of Sauerbraten. But not only has he shown incredible commitment, he is also an exceptionally laid back and pleasant teammate. He will never talk bad about his teammates, he will never blame anyone, and he will never make rash decisions. As a result, his contributions and opinions in discussions are always greatly appreciated and taken to heart. Of course, he is also absolutely world class in terms of playing and is always available for mix games, clan wars or internal games! Perhaps an underrated opponent at times, Origin has contributed to four tournament wins and proven his game-changing value. His flagruns, his blazing shotgun and quick but good decisions make him one of the best ectf players in the game. 

Savi joined the squad on the 29th of September 2016

Savi is there when needed, even in the darkest of times. When the team seemed broken and inactive after the loss of Hadis and Starch, it was also thanks to him that the clan was able to rebuild. Since then, Savi has proven his loyalty countless times and has been an integral part of our team at almost every tournament. With his positive attitude and incredible ability to be there when it matters, we have been able to achieve countless victories and win many tournaments. To be exact, we acquired 6 gold medals in ectf as well as ictf thanks to him! He is a team member who should always be the first choice as he never gives up, stays calm and never blames his teammates. He has earned all the starting roles he has gotten over the past 6 years and we are grateful to have him in our ranks. Of course, he also inspires his teammates when it comes to playing a CW. In such Situations, Savi is in his element, bubbling over with enthusiasm and electrifying his members along with a fighting mentality. Together with savi's rousing manner, winning is just that much more fun and every game becomes an absolute festival. 

Darkfire' joined the squad on the 24th of September 2017

Darkfire... what can you say about Darkfire? Of course, this is absolutely the wrong question. Darkfire is the reason why the clan has won so many titles in the last few years. Darkfire is the reason why we have gained so many awesome members. Darkfire is the reason why we all could often show our best side. With him, !s could win more ectf titles than any other team ever! And he does it with style. Darkfirfire has a completely unique playstyle that completely overwhelms many players and makes them look like idiots. With his smart moves, good timing, strong 1on1 fighting skills and quick decisions he is definitely one of the best ectf players ever. And that's not the end of it. Darkfire has represented !s with individual tournament wins and has made a name for himself as a coach. He was the founder of our daughter clan sx and he has given thousands of tips to our players. If you want to learn and improve, you won't find a better advisor. And if you take a moment and think about what he's done for the team, there's really only one thing you can say: thank you Darkfire! 

Mod joined the squad on the 21st of February 2019 

Mod is mostly active in the background, he lets others play, observes his teammates and is satisfied with sporadic actions. This makes him a very fair and nice teammate, but Mod deserves more recognition! Mod hosts tournaments, organizes internal games, represents us on various servers and keeps the whole team active! And that's not all, Mod is definitely one of our best damage dealers and an absolute all-rounder who knows exactly what to do in every situation. He's especially good in flat terrain and ranged combat, as he's an absolute machine with his chaingun and rifle. And because Mod is such an incredibly good player, he can strengthen the team tremendously, making it extremely difficult for any opponent to defeat us. In addition, Mod is very active and we can always rely on him. Unfortunately, sometimes you overlook what surrounds you and miss it only when it is gone, so at this point it is important to emphasize on one thing: Mod we need you, you are a great player, you have a great character and above all you are extremely important for us!

Wollmilch joined the squad on the 13th of December 2020

Wollmilch is one of the most active and certainly the most ambitious player in our team. Although he hasn't been active in Sauerbraten for that long, he already shines in exceptional team play and great decision making. Moreover, he has improved so much in the last few months that he has become a real weapon against any opposing team in clanwars, which makes him very reliable. What makes him especially dangerous are his powerful shotgun kills and his non-stop deadly grenades. Also, it's not a lie to say that it's especially great fun to play with Wollmilch, as he often comes jumping out of a hidden corner to save the flag at the last second, and thus, of course, can often make his opponents rage and his team laugh. With his positive nature, helpfulness and good humor, he brings the team together and brings joy to every game that you play against or with him. 

zhorik joined the squad on the 29th of June 2021

zhorik, better known as 'Kotzikacki' is one of our youngest members who shows a lot of will and strength, especially in duels. There is a lot of potential in him and he has often shown what he is made of when he does a lot of damage or pushes the game in important moments. When it comes to tournaments, he always wants to play, which is a proof of his ambition. Even more impressive is that he doesn't care which lineup he plays for, because he sets his own goals and gives everything to achieve them. After games, he is self-critical and self-reflective, which helps him to improve. But also, when others from the team play in tournaments or clanwars, he is one of the first to enthusiastically cheer for his own team. You can really say that he increases the joy of important competitions for himself, but also for everyone else. If you look at his past, you have to admit that he has undergone an enormous personal development. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is a very pleasant discussion partner in our Discord channel, with whom it will certainly never be boring. 

Raze joined the squad on the 2nd of July 2021

We always wanted one, now we have one. Raze is our first French player ever and we couldn't have made a happier catch. Even before he came to us, he had made a name for himself with some amazing performances in various tournaments. With his development over the last few years, he is now more of an exceptional team player, extremely strong in 1 on 1 situations and very accurate. As a result, he has now become irreplaceable for the team. And that's not all: when you play with Raze in a clan war, you often feel invincible because he not only makes his team members feel that they can rely on him, but also because his smart decisions and spectacular actions give the team game-changing advantages. But Raze not only shows his greatness in the arena, but also as a person. You can have very good conversations with him, which often leave you with a positive feeling. In addition, Raze is a good-natured and encouraging person, whose friendly nature simply makes him a great team member. 

Morex joined the squad on the 29th of August 2021

Morex is an incredibly nice companion, who already brings a lot of life experience at his young age. And that isnot too surprising, after all, he is already a dad! With his mature and relaxed manner he has a lot of understanding for the different points of view of his clan members. And this in combination with his friendliness and his humor works on this team like a rubber band that brings us together again and again in case of tensions! And when he, despite his high sense of responsibility towards his family, takes some time out to play with us, it is not uncommon that he surprises his opponents with his skill. Because Morex has talent! Although he is currently still being introduced to the cw scene, he already makes it clear that he has a huge desire to help the team and give everything for us. 

Infinity joined the squad on the 17th of June 2022

You rarely catch a glimpse of Infinity in the thick of the Sauerbraten action, and you might assume he's a lone fighter. However, the reason lies in the fact that Infinity hails from the other side of the world, making his active involvement in the game a unique journey. Despite the geographical distance, it's surprising to see Infinity staying up late into the night or even rising at 4 am to play alongside his clan members. Infinity possesses an incredible mindset, radiating nothing but positive vibes in our internal Discord channel. Alongside his infectious positivity, he's a formidable player with a wealth of tactical understanding and sharp decision-making skills that significantly influence the course of events. Underestimating him is not advisable, as his shotgun might be the last thing you see. 

Scuba joined the squad on the 6th of October 2023

Scuba is one of the most impactful additions in recent years. He can attribute this success to his significant personal development over the past few years. In every eCTF game, he now plays a crucial role, often turning the tide and securing victories for the team. Besides his sharp tactical mind, his years of experience help him stay calm and focused in crucial situations. Beyond his gaming skills, Scuba has become an integral part of our team off the virtual battlefield. His friendly and respectful demeanor makes him a valuable contributor to discussions, offering good advice and tips. We take great pride in having Scuba as a part of our team. 

Our inactive squad